To be able to access the ressources prepared for the S2 book, you need to register on the site.

How to register ? (pdf to download 396kb)

- Step 1 : go to "Authentication-للتعريف" then click "Create new Classe de S2 account".

- Step 2 : fill the informations needed from the tab "Create new Classe de S2 account"

- Step 3 : Then fill the "captcha" code and click on "create new account"

- Step 4 : "A welcome message with further instructions has been sent to your e-mail address." Go to your e-mail and click the one time link, to be able to create your personal password.

- Step 5 : Then click on "login"

- Step 6 : enter your personal password and go down to click "save".

- Step 7 : The system saves your password and log you in. You know you're logged in when you see at the bottom left your "username"

Now you can access the ressources prepared for the S2 book.

- Next time you need to authenticate by entering your username and password and click "Login"